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My Background

I am an independent consultant providing analysis, design, and recommendations on telecommunications and high availaibility systems technologies.  I retired from Lucent Technologies, where I was a technical manager  of a team responsible for architecture and prototyping of telecommunication  services, including internet call management, Voice over IP, VoiceXML, SIP,  Intelligent Network, and many other technologies.  I had a long relationship with Personeta a premier maker of a programmable applications platform for communication carriers,  and Insight Research, a market research firm offering analysis of topics related to telecommunication. I have also done work for several law frims and venture capitalists helping them evaluate business opportunities and pursue patent cases.  To learn more about  what I do professionally see my Resume   .   

Some views on the Telecommunications Industry

The Telecommunications industry is rapidly changing through the introduction of new technology for converged networking and changes in regulation leading to greater competition.  This is creating extraordinary opportunities, but as in any period of rapid change a lot of unsupported claims and chances to make mistakes.  This makes it critical for carriers, manufacturers, and end users to have the best information about the industry and how to properly apply the technology.  Here are some example essays outlining my views on these topics:

Conference Notes

I am also known for taking extensive notes at conferences, and have co-authored several short papers reporting on conferences.  Here are my notes for some of the communications conferences that I have attended.

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