Warren Montgomery's Home Page

My home page for the iconographically challenged (No hieroglyphics to decipher).

What they sometimes pay me to do

I worked for 30 years in the telecommunications industry, and still occasionally consult on communications and high availability technologies.  To learn more about me and what I can do, look at my information page on telecommunications .  I retired from Lucent Technologies, where I was a technical manager  of a team responsible for architecture and prototyping of telecommunication  services, including internet call management, Voice over IP, VoiceXML, SIP,  Intelligent Network, and many other technologies.    I have also taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the Electrical Engineering department of  Northern Illinois University, teaching in the areas of telecommunication and networking.

As a pioneer in computing and networking I have strong opinions about trends in society and the industry on these topics and post them under my digital curmudgeon page


What I do for fun

I travel for both business and pleasure

I am a golf fanatic and offer a page of golf links and information.

I have two artificial hips and offer a page of information for anyone considering joint replacement.

I enjoy cryptic crosswords and have found the following web sites that post puzzles regularly:

I also enjoy photography